About The Port Hudson Fishing Club

The Port Hudson Fishing Club was unofficially started back in the 1980′s in a parking lot under a street light. The old timers who originally formed the club have mostly scattered or are gone now, but the club endured because it was worth keeping. Where ever there are fishermen, you’ll find a local fishing club. and the Hudson, Florida area is no exception. Today, the club is a bit more traditional and organized than when it began, but the concept and the kind of people who become members has stayed pretty much the same, they all love to fish!

We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at “Kickin Winz on SR 52 just West of Little Road on the south side of SR 52. The members are dedicated to the sport of fishing, conservation, catching fish, eating fish, talking about fishing and having fun doing it. At the monthly meetings we discuss current issues concerning the sport, we have guest speakers on many subjects from boating safety, fishing and boating products, Fish and wildlife, and many more. There’s always something to talk about and something new to learn.

Some of the Club activities are: Annual Tournaments, cook outs, fishing trips, Chasco Festival Street and Boat Parades, Special Angler Day, picnics on local islands members tournaments and much more. All events are accomplished through member participation.


It’s not necessary to own a boat to join. It’s not even necessary to know much about fishing because there are always members in the club who are willing to teach you.  All that’s required of a member is to love fishing (and “yes” there are modest yearly dues). We are a family oriented club and children are always welcome.

Go to the “Become A Member Page” for information on meetings and joining, and joining online.