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PORT HUDSON FISHING CLUB PROLOGUE:  The one that got away…  As dreamers, we fishing folk sometimes have been known to exaggerate the size of our catch, or even the size of things we did not catch. We pride ourselves on how well we might outsmart even the “wisest” fish in the sea.  Is it all a game?  Maybe?  But there is something about fishing that we find hard to describe, though the activity itself transforms us, relaxes us, helps us make and build friendships, brings our families closer together, makes us treat our fellows better, puts smiles on our faces and lets us go forth unto the world in a better frame of mind.

Henry David Thoreau once said Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”  All of this jibber-jabber is our modest attempt to let you know that we have dared to put together a club so that other poor souls like us might find refuge and solace within a group of individuals all caught up in this activity called fishing. We even gave this group a name – the Port Hudson Fishing Club.

If you have read this far, and you think that you know what we are talking about, then maybe you have also come to the frightening realization that you are like us and perhaps may even want to join us.  If you have not come to that realization then we apologize for wasting your time, and hope that someday you will find the sanctuary that we have found in the simple activity of goin’ fishin’.

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